La Nova Fita has been created with the aim of offering orienteering services and mountain activities from safety, protection and respect for our playground: the natural areas.

Outdoor activities are the common thread. We design activities adapted to different clients and according to the objectives they want to work on: training, leisure and company activities.

Endorsed by our experience in organizing orienteering and leisure activities, in La Nova Fita we have a complete technical team.

Marc and Mónica form the strong core of La Nova Fita. However, we have a group of specialist collaborators.

Marc Ràfols

Born in Barcelona, he has a degree in Philology.

He is a mountain runner, with or without a map. After passing through director positions in his club and in the Catalan Orienteering Federation, now he organize outdoor activities with his partners: courses, trainings, orienteering, trail running, mountain bike …

About to get lost, lost or replaced, but always in the mountain.

Mònica Aguilera

Born in Barcelona, she has a degree in Physical Education and Sports Sciences.

He has extensive professional experience in organizing sports and training activities in the natural environment since he created his first company for leisure activities services in 1999.
Ultratrail and adventure race runner.

She has won, races like the Marathon des Sables, the Transgrancanaria, Transvulcania. He has twice risen to the podium of the prestigious UTMB Ultra Trail on Mont Blanc (2nd in 2007 and 3rd in 2009). Among her podiums in adventure races are the AR World Cup Championships, the X-Adventures Raid Series, won in 2000 and 2001.

Our crew

Marcel Ribas

Bachelor of sports physical education, helps in events logistics and organization.
Speaker at many of the events we organize.

Joel Garcia

Sports technician, currently manages El Boixar hostel.
Community manager of our accounts.

Carles Loré

Technical architect, is our cartographic advisor.
Responsible for the logistics and assembly of the competition center, the start and finish of the Barcelona Trail Races.

Paula Fritzsche

Computer scientist. Creator of the Nonstoprun platform.
Responsible for the registration of our events.
Coordinate the registration and follow-up of the participants of the Barcelona Trail Races.

Xavi Mimó

Responsible for the logistics of the route, personnel and marking of the Barcelona Trail Races.

Edgar Aguilera

Industrial Engineer, student of Computer Engineering. Advisor of the websites.
Responsible for security and transport logistics and support to the participant of the Barcelona Trail Races.

Salvador Cabezas

Responsible for the logistics and equipment of the Barcelona Trail Races. He also support in the relationship with sponsors.